We source quality gluten-free pasta and sauces all prepared with the best produce from across Italy.


Gluten-free eating has become the diet of choice for many people in recent years. The growing popularity of gluten-free alternatives is due to the modern diet becoming increasingly high in refined wheat products. Many individuals are sensitive to gluten, some more so than others. For the gluten-sensitive stomach, over-consumption may lead to bloating, pain and stomach cramps. Gluten intolerance is different from coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten, which should be avoided for life.

Here at Pasta Evangelists, we want to make it easy to enjoy gluten free pasta dishes that are fresh, artisanal and no less delicious than their wheat counterparts.



Artisanal pasta deserves the very best sauces & garnishes.

In theory, cutting out gluten sounds like a perfect solution for many. However, avoiding gluten can be hard, as wheat is widely used in many foods such as ready meals, soups and even some sausages. But eating gluten-free in 2018 doesn't mean having to endure stale bread, dry pastries or oddly textured gluten-free biscuits. Nor does it mean sacrificing nutritious, tasty food. At Pasta Evangelists, we do our best to provide a wide selection of pasta dishes that are gluten-free.

Our sauces evoke some of Italy’s most memorable eating experiences. Many of our dishes are marked with ‘gf avail.’, meaning a dried, gluten-free variety of pasta is available with the dish. If the dish is marked ‘gf’, this means the entire dish - including the fresh pasta dough - is suitable for gluten-free diets. Our pasta is then served with our beautiful array of sauces, pestos, garnishes and ragùs. Which means “arrivederci” to separate meals and “buongiorno” to dining together again.



Our authentic, gluten-free pasta (and particularly shapes such as pappardelle) are perfect with our Slow-Cooked Stracotto Pork Ragù with Cavolo Nero. This is a traditional, gluten-free ragù from Tuscany that has been slow-braised with red wine, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and other aromatic flavours to ensure the meat is at its most tender. As well as healthy vegetarian options, such as our gluten-free pasta with Courgetti, Courgette Pesto & Vegetarian Parmesan.

You can also delight in gluten-free filled, giant tortelloni. They are pure decadence and a sight rarely seen outside of Modena whence they originate. Each gluten free tortellone is delicately filled, with favourite fillings including beautiful porcini mushrooms, spinach and ricotta, or sumptuous wild boar.

Most of us probably aren’t so lucky to eat out every night at a restaurant that offers gluten-free alternatives and being the only gluten-free person in a household can be tough. You often have to cook separate meals, just for you, whilst you watch everyone eat the gluten-free foods you miss. Luckily, Pasta Evangelists are here for you.