When draining, it’s crucial you retain some of the cooking water. As pasta cooks its releases starch into the surrounding water. Which is, as far as we’re concerned, absolute gold! The starchy pasta water acts as both a thickener and an emulsifying agent, allowing the two liquids (the sauce and the salty water) to put aside their differences and enter into a harmonious – and ever so flavoursome – symbiosis. It enhances the overall flavour and helps to achieve a wonderful creamy texture and consistency for your sauce. In terms of how much pasta water to keep? Keep at least a half a cup, and add more if necessary. The choice, of course, is entirely yours.

Once you’ve achieved your ideal sauce consistency, proceed with the last remaining steps swiftly. Pasta cools rapidly, and as it cools, it begins to stick together. It should come as good news, however, that preventing this sticky affair is easy. Drain, sauce, serve and eat within moments of the time your pasta leaves the pot. Besides, we’re guessing your ability to resist temptation is long gone by now… 



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