Ziti Pasta with Pancetta & Pecorino (gf available)
Ziti Pasta with Pancetta & Pecorino (gf available)

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Ziti Pasta with Pancetta & Pecorino (gf available)

It seems strange to define a dish by what’s not in it rather than what is, but pasta ‘alla Gricia’ is a recipe that proud Romans like to keep pure and consistent.

So, with no classic staples of Italian sauce such as garlic, onions, herbs or wine, those few ingredients favoured must be extremely well chosen. And chief here is guanciale – pork cheek. An intensely flavourful cut with a thick rind, this cured pork infuses the whole dish with a meaty, salted taste.

This is complemented with chunky ‘ziti’ pasta tubes, soft, sweet leeks, and hard, tangy pecorino romano (since those same proud Romans prefer it to parmigiano…)

Anything else and you’d be cooking, well, something entirely different...

"Exceptional, delicious, restaurant quality dish. Home delivered cuisine doesn't get better than this!" David, Walworth

Ingredients: Fresh pasta (Wheat flour, Egg, Durum wheat flour, Salt), Guanciale ham, Leeks, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Wine, Pecorino romano, Salt Black pepper