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Fresh Spaghetti with Taggiasche Olive Pesto Rosso (v., available gluten free)

With Ricotta, Toasted Almonds and Basil (v.)

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The inspiration for this vibrant dish takes us to sun-baked Sicilia. Being the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has seen many invading forces over the years, all seeking to harness its strategic position.  Whilst these are now gone, their influence can still be felt in the culture and food of the island.

As a tribute to the most southerly and sunniest point in Italy we are using sun-dried tomatoes to make a delicious red pesto, with black and green taggiasche olives, parmesan and olive oil.  The pesto is served with long, fresh spaghetti to wrap up and carry the sauce, and finished with fresh, creamy ricotta, toasted almonds and basil. A colourful and vibrant dish to celebrate some of the great produce of Sicilia.

Ingredients: Fresh Spaghetti (Wheat flour, Egg, Durum wheat flour, Water), Sundried tomatoes, Ricotta, Olives, Extra virgin olive oil, Parmesan, Flaked almonds , Basil, Salt, Black pepper