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Strozzapreti with Watercress Pesto (v., available gluten free)

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Strozzapreti is surely top of the tree as far as colourful back-stories goes. Literally meaning 'strangle-priests', there are a few theories as to its origin. Perhaps a reference to gluttonous overindulgence as certain clergymen would munch so quickly they would choke. Perhaps a reference to the 'twisting' motion as these shapes are hand-crafted. Or, perhaps less vividly, simply a reference to the traditional 'dog collar' - a priest's 'choker'.

Whatever the origin, these twisted tubes need a colourful sauce to match, and they have it in spades thanks to our innovative watercress pesto. 

There's a subtle hint of mint blended with the sweet, refreshing, and peppery taste of watercress. A real summer's dish, complimented with tangy goat's cheese and warm, toasted almonds for added texture.

Ingredients: Fresh strozzapreti (Durum wheat flour, Water), Goat's cheese, Watercress, Almonds, Grana padano, Olive oil, Salt, Garlic, Pepper