Pea & Mint Tortelloni dish

One large portion

Pea & Mint Ravioli with Asparagus (v.)

A personal favourite of our founder Alessandro, combining two classic summery flavours pea and mint .

Fresh asparagus is added to the sauce to create a smooth and elegant taste, and a zesty, crispy lemon pangrattato (breadcrumbs) adds a pop of flavour to the finish.

Not easy to find on your average Italian restaurant menu, but then again Alex isn't your average Italian.

With Lemon Pangrattato.

Ingedients: Fresh pasta (Wheat flour, Egg, Durum wheat flour, Salt, Water), Peas, Shallots, Breadcrumbs (Wheat), Butter, Water, Salt, Mint, Asparagus, Extra virgin olive oil, Lemon zest, Black pepper