Fusilloni al Pesto Trapanese (v., gf. available)

Serves one

Fusilloni al Pesto Trapanese (v., gf. available)

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The word 'pesto' comes from the Italian verb 'pestare' (meaning 'to crush') which is fitting as pesto is made with a pestle and mortar. But do watch out if someone says ti pesto!, as it also means they are going to attack you - literally 'beat' or 'crush you up'!

This pesto comes from Trapani, a port town on the west coast of Sicily and is made with almonds and fresh tomatoes. We are serving the trapanese with fusilloni pasta, literally 'large spindles', to catch all the sauce. The dish is served with pan-grattato, breadcrumbs toasted in olive oil.

Ingredients: Fresh fusilloni (Wheat flour, Egg, Durum wheat flour, Salt), Tomatoes, Almonds, Extra virgin olive oil, Basil, Garlic, Salt, Pepper

Garnish ingredients: Breadcrumbs (Wheat), Olive Oil, Parmesan, Salt, Pepper