Caramelle Ricotta e Spinaci with Tomato Sauce (V)

One Large Portion

Caramelle Ricotta e Spinaci with Tomato Sauce (V)

Caramelle literally translates to sweetie, and is more of fun, novelty pasta, rather than a traditional pasta with ancient origins. Caramelle are small, filled pasta with twisted ends that resemble sweets. They are typically served on special occasions, such as Christmas and other holidays, in places like Parma and Piacenza.

We fill our caramelle with ricotta and spinach and top them with a rich tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, a comfort food the whole family will love. This is the perfect meal for cold, winter nights in.

Ingredients (allergens in bold): Fresh pasta (Wheat flour, Egg), Spinach, Ricotta, Egg, Parmesan, Nutmeg, Salt, Black pepper, Tomato sauce

Garnish Ingredients: Parmesan cheese