Giles Coren

Giles Coren | Pasta Evangelist

Top UK food critic Giles Coren is our first official Evangelist.

Giles, who made his name as the Times food critic,  is also known for columns in GQ, Esquire, Time Out and the Independent, as well as TV work on the BBC and Channel 4.

Giles Coren is a restaurant critic and columnist who has been writing for The Times since 1993. A previous winner of British Press Awards food and drink writer of the year, he was also named the restaurant writer of the year at the Fortnum and Mason Awards in 2016. As well as an award-winning journalist, Giles is a television presenter and author.

Giles is one of the co-founders of and shareholders in Pasta Evangelists.

"Pasta Evangelists is light years ahead of anything you can buy in a shop and better than all but the very finest Italian restaurants."
Giles Coren
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