What is it?

We make fresh, artisanal pasta dishes every week and deliver nationwide. You can decide which day of the week suits you best for us to deliver it to you or, alternatively, get it now in London through UberEats or Deliveroo.

Order from our weekly menu and we'll deliver everything you need to make restaurant-quality pasta meals at home in five minutes.

Our delivery boxes


What do I get?

Our boxes contain everything you need: pasta, sauce, garnishes, and simple, step-by-step instructions for how to make your meals, with no wastage.

The boxes themselves are chilled, and fit through your letterbox for all deliveries in London. 

They're also easy to take home from the office if you prefer to have it delivered there.

Chilled, letter box delivery


What do I need?

You only need a pan of boiling water for the pasta.

Pasta Evangelists | what's in the box


When do you deliver?

We deliver from Monday to Saturday.

You can order in advance and choose the day you would like to receive your fresh pasta meals on. West London customers can also select delivery on demand (UberEATS - Deliveroo).


Where do you deliver?

UK nationwide, excluding. Channel Islands. 


How long does the food keep for?

Our fresh pasta will keep for 3-4 days in the fridge.

Everything can be frozen and cooked from frozen for up to 2 months.


Who are you?

A new, independent business, started in 2017 in London by Alessandro, a real-life Italian. 

You can read more about our story on the 'About us' page.  

Pasta Evangelists - real Italian pasta


How many does each portion serve?

We serve generously, so a single portion serves one hungry pasta-lover.

Trenette with pesto, peas, courgette and ricotta


What's this about referrals for friends and family?

We're offering £10 of store credit for every new person you introduce, and they'll get £10 off their first order too.

You just need to contact us first so we can set up a personalised code for you to share.


Where's the food made?

In our kitchen in London, by real Italian chefs.


Is it any good?

We think so, but check out our reviews on Facebook, and Trustpilot if you need to be convinced. There are plenty of customer posts on our Facebook and Instagram feeds too.

Our reviews on Trustpilot and Facebook


Diets & allergies

We vary our weekly menu to bring you the best of what fresh pasta has to offer. Please don't hesitate to ask if you're not sure.


Anything else?

If you do have questions we haven't answered here, try our live chat, or email chef@pastaevangelists.com.


Fresh, hand-made and hand-filled tortellini pasta