The word tagliolini comes from the word tagliare (to cut) and hails from the Liguria region of Italy. Tagliolini pasta is a close relative of tagliatelle since both are derived from long cuts ('tagli') of fresh egg pasta.
Tagliolini are long, thin and cylindrical rather than flat. Though both mingle with sauce extremely well, tagliolini are more adept with smooth, creamy and slightly thinner sauces. 

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7 Tagliolini Pasta Recipes

Please, indulge your self in our selection of Tagliolini recipes we have on this page. Our Italian pasta chefs, guarantee the authenticity of our pasta to bring joy in all directions. Tagliolini goes great with pesto, as well as with a wild and hearty ragu. But our most popular tagliolini recipe would be Tagliolini with Porcini and Wild Mushrooms. Love by many, and is a hot favourite. But don’t let that hold you back from diversifying and trying squid ink Tagliolini. Feast your self on our pasta collections, and embrace Pasta Evangelists as your source of bringing a little bit of restaurant quality pasta to your dining room, anywhere in the UK.

What’s included in your Tagliolini Recipe Meal Kit?

  1. Fresh Tagliolini
  2. The Partnered Pasta Sauce
  3. Garnishes
  4. Recipe Card,

Where do we Deliver?

  1. Next Day Delivery all through the United Kingdom.
  2. Central London deliveries, will

How to prepare your Tagliolini Meal?

  1. Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil.
  2. Cook the Tagliolini in the boiling water for 3-4 minutes until 'al-dente' (check a strand before removing from the pan). Stir often to avoid the pasta strands sticking together.
  3. Whilst the pasta cooks, prepare the sauce. Carefully read the instruction to see if the sauce needs to be cooked on a pan.
  4. Transfer the pasta to the sauce, and mix it all together. Scatter with parmesan and or garnishes. Buon appetito!
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Tagliolini with Porcini & Wild Mushrooms (V. GF available)

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Story The word tagliolini comes from the word tagliare (to cut) and hails from the Liguria region of Italy. A close relative of tagliatelle since both are derived from long cuts ('tagli')...

Tagliolini with A Whole Black Truffle from Umbria & Truffle Butter (v., gf. available)

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Story Each portion of our beautiful, handcrafted tagliolini is accompanied with a whole black truffle, sourced in Norcia, an area of south east Umbria, where black truffles are locally known as...

Basil-Infused Tagliolini with Almond Pesto, Pachino Tomatoes & Toasted Almonds (v.) (gf. avail.)

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Story This tagliolini is specked with beautiful jade as we infuse the pasta dough with handfuls of fresh basil. Frequently known by its ''king of the herbs'' sobriquet, basil is well-known for its...

Tagliolini with White Ragù (available gluten free)

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Also available with gluten-free pasta: select from the drop-down menu above. This is a dish of ground pork in a ragù bianco: a ragù prepared without tomatoes. As well as steering...

Wild Boar Ragu Tagliolini (gf available)

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Wild boar, a hearty meat, is slow cooked in this rich, comforting dish. The meat is added to a sauce of wine, tomatoes, and soffritto, which is a traditional combination of garlic,...

Squid Ink Tagliolini with Almond Pesto, Pachino Tomatoes & Toasted Almonds

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Story Squid ink not only provides a unique colour for our tagliolini, but also adds a salty and somewhat sweet flavour that is complemented beautifully by the saltiness of our...

Tagliolini with Prawns & Pomodori Ciliegini

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Serves 1 This dish is as familiar as it is simple – and for that reason so often a staple of Sicilian cuisine as the key ingredients are so fresh...