Pasta Evangelists

Tagliatelle 'Mare e Monti'

Mare e monti – the sea and the mountains.

This dish is a true collaboration: of British with Italian, of the wonders of the sea with those of the land, and of course of Bonnie Gull and Pasta Evangelists.

We feature Bonnie Gull’s fresh monkfish cheeks and squid, sourced from independent British fishermen. The girolles mushrooms are another rare find - foraged and selected by hand in Scotland - and prized for their golden colour and aroma.

A little warm kick is provided by Calabrian n'duja sausage, but matched by cherry tomatoes and fresh, salty samphire.

"I have often said there is no food better than Italian food in Italy. In this case, if I close my eyes..." Ed, Shadwell

Serves 1