One large portion

Tonnarelli with Zucchini Pesto (v., available gluten free)

With peas, mint and toasted pine nuts.

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Zucchini emerged about 200 years ago in Toscana and northern Italy: the name means 'little squash', and their 'invention' was simply the practice of early harvesting of the plant before it was fully grown.

In this recipe we use zucchine both as the base of the rich pesto, and also mix strips of courgette with the tonnarelli.  The fresh, summer theme extends to the garnish of peas, mint and toasted pine nuts.

Ingredients: Courgette, Fresh trenette (Wheat Flour, Egg, Durum wheat flour, water), Extra virgin olive oil, Peas, Pine nuts, Pecorino, Parmesan, Mint, Basil