Conchiglioni Pasta Meals

 Conchiglioni originates from the Italian region of Campania, the Italian word "conchiglioni", just like the English word "conch", shares the same Greek root in the form of κοχύλι (kochýli), which means "shell". Conchiglioni, or ‘conchiglioni rigoti’ have a concave shape representative of a seashell or, ‘conchiglie’. These beautiful, seaside-evoking jumbo pasta shells offer the perfect shape for filled, stuffed and baked pasta meals - with common fillings including ricotta e spinaci as well as rich and meaty ragù and sauces.

At Pasta Evangelists -  a London-based pasta delivery business offers 5*, restaurant quality fresh pasta, sauces and garnishes to UK homes nationwide which can be prepared in just five minutes. Celebrating recipes from across Italy’s regions, particularly lesser-known specialities, we use the finest artisanal ingredients and produce from Italy in order to provide the most authentic taste of Italia. And we love to evangelise about Conchilglioni pasta meals.

Curious about Conchiglioni? Browse our selection of past conchiglioni dishes and recipes here or visit our website to see what other pasta shapes tantalise your tastebuds on our current menus. We would like to note, that at any given time, we only offer 24 different pasta meals, of which you can only choose up to 8 different pasta shapes each week. 

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